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Unidentified White Male

Man was found June 5, 1936 in Cleveland Ohio. Cause of death was decapitation.

Estimated age: Mid-twenties

Approximate Height and Weight: 5'11"; 155 lbs.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Reddish brown hair; blue eyes. Slender build, well-nourished with small hands and feet. Narrow handsome face with high cheekbones, a fair complexion, strong jaw and a slightly prominent nose. The coroner commented the victim looked to be of Slavic or possibly Scandinavian descent.

Dentals: Missing five teeth - one upper and three lower molars on the right side and a lowar molar on the left.

Clothing: Dark brown cashmere pants with a zipper. Found in the area were three shirts; one a white knit polo shirt with a Park Royal Broadcloth label. An old brown cap, a white pair of undershorts; with blue stripes and a laundry mark variously reported as "J. D. X.", "JD" or "J. D. A.". And a pair of tan oxford shoes (size 7 1/2), rather worn, with their laces tied together and a pair of thick socks stuffed inside.

Tattoos: He had six tattoos; One on the left calf was the character Jiggs from the comic strip Bringing Up Father. On the right calf was an anchor under a superimposed Cupid. On the right forearm was Helen-Paul over a dove. A butterfly on the right shoulder. On the left forearm was crossed flags. Also on the left forearm were the initials WCG with an arrow through a heart. The tattoos may have suggested a naval background of the victim.

Case History & composites of victim can be seen at http://doenetwork.us/cases/121umoh.html

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