Nov 1 09 8:40 AM

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This event is taking place from October 29 - November 29

Please light purple lights for those missing, children of sexual crimes, domestic violence, homelessness due to being a runaway and lastly loss of life as a result of these issues we present to our communitites we serve.

C.A.S.O.O. has been given a second Proclamation for creating Awareness of these issues to our community and are asking others to help us carry this message through out the country.

The purple lights burn brightly from 7 p.m to 7 a.m at our City Hall with white crosses having purple tips and a pink heart in the center. The crosses represent the losses of children and the pink heart represents the families seeking to find closure for these crimes of violence.

Covenant House has joined us this year and we are hoping members of From Whispers To Roars will also do the same.

Thank you all who can help us spread Purple Light Night Month.

We are honored to protect the children of tomorrow from the sexually oriented offender that preys on innocence not yet lost to the predator. Our mission is to get stiffer laws passed, that will protect children. We also print a News Letter with the offenders face and ask all who read it to REMEMBER THE FACE TO STAY SAFE, NOT JUST THE NAME. Copyright to CASOO belong's to L. Wilson as well as the patent rights.