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This is a site that a friend of mine from another board belongs to. They focus on International Parental Abductions in Japan. Read below for more info.

Children's Rights Council of Japan
Japan is the only G-7 industrialized country that is not a party to The Hague abduction convention, which is an important tool for those seeking the return of children abducted across international borders, or to exercise their rights of access to see them. Japanese law enforcement and social service agencies do not enforce custody orders, international arrest warrants, and extradition requests relating to international child abduction. Japan also indirectly supports international child abduction by not having a formal two-parent signature requirement for obtaining p"DorkFish"ports for minors.

Children's Rights Council of Japan was founded by David Brian Thomas and Walter Benda on May 5, 1996, "Children's Day" in Japan. We are a volunteer child advocacy organization, offering information and resources for children's rights issues in Japan, focusing on children of divorce, separation, or born out of wedlock. With members in Japan as well as overseas, CRC of Japan is the first international chapter of Children's Rights Council of Hyattsville, Maryland, a United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Using a parent's point of view, we seek to provide information, networking and support for children, parents and other family members facing issues in Japan. CRC of Japan may be able to help in matters pertaining to the Japanese family court system and the Japanese higher court and appeals systems, as well as cases in Japan of child abduction/kidnapping by family members, denial of visitation/access rights, child custody, divorce and separation, and child/spousal abuse. We are also working to change the Japanese system to make it more amenable to the concept of "the best parent is both parents," so that children of broken homes have equal access to their fathers and mothers. Children's Rights Council of Japan is a volunteer organization. Our expenses, for the most part, are paid out of our own pockets. If you would like to support our efforts, please consider becoming a member or making a purchase from our online gift shop, via the links shown on this page. We appreciate your support