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We would like to introduce our website to the community so that when you see us in your neighborhood you will know that we are hard at work trying to find these sexual offenders and predators that have absconded or have not registered their location with the authorities, and to make you aware that they are or were in your neighborhood.

Jessiesriders.com was founded by Mark Lunsford and Bill Ruberti in October 2005.

Our mission is to find these people and get them off the streets so that our children can be safe from any type of harm that they may inflict upon our children. We are willing to do the foot work for the local authorities and support them

We are asking you to join us in making our community safe and protect our children from these type of people.

We are in need of your support and donations. Anything you can do to help us and our children, please contact us.

With the light comes the dark; Jessies Riders embark. For those who shall touch the wing of a dove shall not find forgiveness nor experience love. He of great strength over the little innocence among us, fall unto our mission. Our namesake was your last, your judgment comes fast. Your time is short, your shelters few...
Jessie's Riders is coming for you.

Jessie's Riders are on constant vigil to protect, defend and deliver the innocent from your abyssmal appetites!

Jessiesriders.com, jmlfoundation.com, jessicamarielunsford.com and "DorkFish"ociated affiliates, donators, volunteers and personnel do not in any way, shape or form support vigilante justice or activity. We are not liable
for any misinterpretation, misconception or miscontrution of our site and any criminal activity that results thereof. If you recognize any absconded or fugitive sexual offenders/predators or related, please contact the