Apr 3 07 10:36 AM

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I've searched these woods more
than once,
Crossed every field a time or two,
Turned up those rocks over there,
Even thought maybe over there in
that creek, or down the river even,
Looking under neath of a garbage
bag dropped here to rest,
Turning up top soil freshly dug up,
Handed out that picture more than
I can count,
Hitting truck stops, grocery stores,
why even gas stations to have them
hung up,
Asking people on the street, or even
the next town,
Please hang this one up for us,
You see this childs missing,
They have a real nice family,
Friends keep asking them if
they've called?,
And what can we do to help?,
In the beginning searches are
formed for the missing,
Strangers in the freshness of this is
how it all starts,
And in the end its strangers that
now have become thier friends,
Some cases we rejoice,
While others leave us crying,
And holding our children nearer
and dearer,
Thanking God we weren't so
unlucky with ours as others,
That our childs voice will still carry
While others lay so silently gone,
Yes these are all reasons to not forget,
Why forgiving should not come,
Oh so FREELY for those who have done
the deeds in taking a childs life.

In memory of the children that will p"DorkFish"
this year through our many searches. In
This Lord we only ask one thing. Please
let the number be smaller this year for
those we seek to find. Let more hope stay
alive. Please Lord let these ones survive.

We are honored to protect the children of tomorrow from the sexually oriented offender that preys on innocence not yet lost to the predator. Our mission is to get stiffer laws passed, that will protect children. We also print a News Letter with the offenders face and ask all who read it to REMEMBER THE FACE TO STAY SAFE, NOT JUST THE NAME. Copyright to CASOO belong's to L. Wilson as well as the patent rights.